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Problem Solving Chronicles: How KGA Design turned a regular RV into a dream home for two

When you think of interior design, I bet you think of grand houses with columns at the entrance, with porches as big as parks and windows as tall as trees. With living rooms one could fit parties of hundreds in, decorated to the brim, filled, shining, opulent, gluttonous. Nothing could be further from reality – the reality is that interior design is very rarely opulent and gluttonous. Nobody wants to spend excessively on an interior, not to mention the fact that too much is, usually, way too much when it comes to interiors. 

Good interior design aims to solve problems. It’s always done precisely that, from the beginning of this career that some call novel but we at KGA design call remodelled. In the past, people arranged their interiors to be functional. Then, once wealth started kicking in, they went for the aesthetic. People think interior design is only focused on the latter, but they are wrong: it’s almost exclusively focused on the former, with a mild aesthetic focus. 

One good example of this little interior design philosophical meditation is our RV project, which has been featured in several publications. What our chief designer, Kelly Gale Amen, was faced with upon entering this RV is what you would be faced with too: a basic, bland, apparently highly functional space that can be driven all around the country. After a few weeks, it was an inviting home, bursting with color, energy, and love. The space’s new energy was not achieved by filling it with useless decorative pieces, but by choosing functional elements that match with the owners’ energy and habits and that fit cohesively together. 

Of course, we could spend plenty of time telling you about it, but there are articles who’ve already done it. So, we will invite you instead to visit our archive page here:

If you or someone you know is struggling to make their interior both functional and beautiful, reach out to us. We can always help. 

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