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Location: James Bute Park

This bench has a classic and formal look that will always be sure to grab someone’s attention. The KGA bench has been featured all over the world and is one of the most sought after items in the KGA collection. Currently the ‘Houston museum of natural science’ and many other well-known organizations are home to the KGA bench. Virtually indestructible and made with custom laser cut lettering, this bench is a lovely addition to the James Bute Park in honor of the Frost Town Settlement in Houston Texas.

3′ H x 4′ 3/4″ W x 2′ 1/2″ D

This Bench Is Famous!

You read that right! This bench has been featured in the media! Discover its remarkable journey through the press by reading our Archive article below. Or, if you want to venture more into the world of KGA, we invite you to explore our entire Archive Catalog! 

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About Our Bench Programs

All people must give back to their community. As an artist, your community is of the highest relevance, because it is more often than not the world entire. At KGA, we are passionate about many various causes and events, and are glad to create and provide commemorative benches. Assembled and created with the finest materials, then carefully welded to original designs, our benches stand as testament to whatever message we are given. 

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