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Location: Zina Garrison Academy

The partnership of the ZG Academy and KGA began with the ZG Paint Day. An independent philanthropist requested a Function Art bench for the ZG Academy in 2012.

Zina Lynna Garrison is a former top five professional tennis player from the United States. She was the women’s singles runner-up at Wimbledon in 1990, a three-time Grand Slam mixed doubles champion, and a women’s doubles gold medalist and singles bronze medalist in Seoul at the 1988 Olympic Games. This bench stands as homage to her talent and outstanding performance. 

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About Our Bench Programs

All people must give back to their community. As an artist, your community is of the highest relevance, because it is more often than not the world entire. At KGA, we are passionate about many various causes and events, and are glad to create and provide commemorative benches. Assembled and created with the finest materials, then carefully welded to original designs, our benches stand as testament to whatever message we are given. 

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