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Location: The Wildflower Center

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is more than a pretty place. We are a hub for innovation, addressing the pressing issues of our time.

Our scientific research and educational programs make important contributions to plant conservation, ecologically sustainable landscape design, restoration of degraded lands and the challenge of climate change.

We serve as the premier national resource of information about native plants and landscapes and an effective leader in promoting the environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits of native wildflowers and plants.

Indeed, the Wildflower Center is the living vision of Lady Bird Johnson.

By purchasing a commemorative Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Bench, you have the opportunity to not only directly impact our important work, research and educational outreach through your philanthropic support, but also the chance to honor or remember a loved one in perpetuity by dedicating a bench in their name.

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About Our Bench Programs

All people must give back to their community. As an artist, your community is of the highest relevance, because it is more often than not the world entire. At KGA, we are passionate about many various causes and events, and are glad to create and provide commemorative benches. Assembled and created with the finest materials, then carefully welded to original designs, our benches stand as testament to whatever message we are given. 

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