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Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men, but only five percent of federal research dollars are allocated to it. We hope that prostate cancer hasn’t touched your life, but unfortunately for one in six, it has. Doctors often disagree on effective treatment forcing the patient to choose between quality and quantity of life, thus catapulting many into the throws of confusion and frustration. Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research seeks to change that. The mission is simple – raise awareness of prostate cancer

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All people must give back to their community. As an artist, your community is of the highest relevance, because it is more often than not the world entire. At KGA, we are passionate about many various causes and events, and are glad to create and provide commemorative benches. Assembled and created with the finest materials, then carefully welded to original designs, our benches stand as testament to whatever message we are given. 

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